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Fusemail is the free mail service which has been launched by the J2 Global Inc. This company basically deals with the internet service provider facility and that too in the two different level that is for the common business use and secondly for the common home purpose.

Finding solution for Fusemail setup on iphone device ?

People looking solution to set up the fusemail on there personal iphone. Then you no need to go any where because here is the proper solution for the problem. So, just go through them and look at the following steps very carefully which are as follows :

Step 1: Start your personal Apple iphone device.

Step 2: After that start the settings application in your iphone device.

Step 3: If your settings application is not downloaded in your phone, then in that case, move to the iphone play store, and from there download it and then install the settings application in iphone.

Step 4: After finish installing process, launch the settings application.

Step 5: In that settings move to the ‘mail, contacts and calendar’ option which is present in the drop down options in setting.

Step 6: There search for the ‘accounts’ and then move next step to the ‘Add account’ on the same page.

Step 7: From the other mail options, click on the ‘add mail account’

Step 8: Now a new window will appear there enter the Fusemail username and also the password in the required space provided to in front of you.

Step 9: Over the ‘new account screen’, you may choose either for POP or IMAP.

Step 10: Now scroll down and select the ‘incoming mail server’ there enter password, under the both incoming and outgoing mail server addresses.

Step 11: Now switch to the outgoing mail server and then enter the smtp host name and also the fusemail address username.

Step 12: Click on the save option and move to the next step.

Step 13: Scroll down to the page and click on the advance option.

Step 14: Now, switch to the password section and enter the required Fusemail address with password of the same mail.

Step 15: Click on the outgoing server mail address as SMTP and just move to other step.

Step 16: Enable the SSL option in there optional settings, and then after put there on the primary space.

Hence there is required solution and if in case you need any further help then contact to ‘Fusemail technical support’ person to get the services.

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